I have used Always There Pet and Home Care for many years.  I have known the owner, Becky Bates, even longer. Becky was a very motivated student in my class years ago and I was thrilled to learn about her dog walking business. Our two collies wait for her each day and are so excited to see her. She has excellent control over the dogs and makes the walks fun for them. She is very professional and leaves a detailed note if I am not home. She is flexible and has helped to take care of our dogs and our two elderly cats when we are on vacation. I also feel that if a problem arose with one of our pets, Becky would be able to handle it. I have absolute trust in her decision making when she is working with our pets. I have also worked with other staff members and have found them to be equally competent and compassionate. Always There Pet and Home Care is a great business!  Suzanne Van Dillen - Downers Grove 

A Word From My Satisfied Customers

Always There Pet & Home Care

We have been using Always There Pet and Home Care, since we adopted our puppy in February 2012, and they are outstanding!  They leave a note of what the dog did during their visit and how far they walked.  Before they started coming we discussed feedings and treats, etc. So if his food or water is low they refill them before leaving. Our dog is very high energy and LOVES their visits!  I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a dog walker in the area!    
Tamara DeStefano (owner of Rooney - daily dog walks)

You Leave Them....We Love Them!

We have used Always There Pet and Home Care for the past year for our two dogs, Porkchop and Griffin. Since we have no children yet, our two adorable pups are our children. This is why, when searching for someone to take care of them while we were out of town, we were pretty selective. We weren't looking to put them in a kennel or have them in a fenced in area with a bunch of other dogs we have never met. When I did a Google search and found Always There Pet & Home Care and spoke with Becky, I instantly knew it would be a good fit. I love the fact that our dogs can stay at home in their own environment and have someone that we trust to care for them.  She is extremely dependable, thorough, and very affordable. She came to our home for an initial meeting to interact with our dogs, get to know their personalities, and learn their routine.  We took her on a quick tour of the normal walk route we go on and showed her the ins and outs of our neighborhood. I instantly felt at ease after our initial visit and knew she would take great care of them. When we are gone, she will send me pictures of the dogs to let us know they are doing well; which as a dog owner who is very attached to her dogs, is so important and extremely thoughtful.  When we get home, we are not only greeted by our excited pups, but also a detailed report of each time she came over, how long she stayed, and a brief overview of the days events. Becky is extremely flexible and will always works with our schedule and accomodates our needs. This is one of the many reasons we love working with Becky because we don't have to leave and return at a set time to get the dogs like most kennels or boarding businesses require. We simply coordinate our trip details with her and she has always been able to work around our schedule. When you meet Becky, you can instantly tell that she is passionate, knowledgeable, and truly loves what she does. She is also amazing with our dogs and they absolutely love her. So, if you are wondering whether or not you should use Becky from Always There Pet & Home Care, I'm here to tell you...ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! I know that we and our dogs definitely give her four paws up!! 

Kayte Kettler, Porkchop & Griffin- Lisle
My wife Anne and I both work full time. The only way we would adopt a dog is if we knew that someone would take great care of him during the day. It gives us great comfort that we have Ang and Becky coming to care for Cody every day. We know that every day, Cody will enjoy a good walk and lots of hugs. We appreciate the great service!

Adam and Anne Slahor, Clarendon Hills

Becky Bates and Always There Pet & Home Care is the Best!  I do not know anyone who makes other pets feel like her own the way Becky does.  One of my dogs isn't fond of new people, but the first day he met Becky, he was in her lap within the first half hour of the visit. She is conscientious, caring, and strives to really be there for her customers. I used Always There  many times when I lived in Downers Grove, from a mid-day walk for my Sadie to a week long out-of-town vacation. She has never let me or my pets down (and I have MANY!) When I came home, there were always lights left on and everything was clean (including the litter boxes) and the animals well-fed, well-loved, and happy. I think my pets may even have been a bit disappointed because Becky would play with them more! One of my major disappointments in moving out of the area was that I could no longer take advantage of her pet-sitting services. Becky is your pets' Best Friend, when you are not around!  Thanks, Becky!

Barb Scalzitti - Formerly of DG