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Always There Pet & Home Care Offers a Wide Range of Services

You Leave Them....We Love Them!

In-Home Consultation - All of our services include a free in-home consultation visit! During the consultation, an Always There pet specialist will meet you and your pet to establish a trusting relationship and complete the necessary requirements. Requirements include filling out the service contract, providing contact information, and obtaining a key for your home. But the most important requirement is for your pet to become acquainted and feel comfortable with the Always There pet specialist.

Pet Sitting - Providing pets with their necessities while ensuring a safe and comfortable home environment is our focus for these services. Specifically these services may include the following: refreshing water bowl(s), feeding, disposing of waste, taking in mail and newspaper, alternating lights, watering plants, and opening/closing window coverings.

ALWAYS Above and Beyond The Call of Duty - Should any issue or problem develop (outside the control of Always There Pet & Home Care) that requires more time than the agreed upon booking, the client will be informed and additional charges may apply.

Shared Pet Sitting - PLEASE BE AWARE that we can not do "shared care" situations with persons that do not reside permanently in the household. Our liability insurance would not cover us in these situations and we can not provide our services without our insurance coverage being active. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.
We may make an exception (a release of all liability waiver must be signed) so please ask if there are special circumstances.

$19 per 1/2 hour visit for up to 2 pets. Each additional pet is $1

Prices are subject to change.

Daily Dog Walking - Payment is due on Friday for the following week of walks.

Vacation Pet Care - Full payment is due prior to services.

Holiday Charges -An additional $15 charge applies to the following days; Easter Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.

Last Minute Services -If less than 24 hours till appointment time, there is an additional charge of $5. Appointment may not be a full 30 minutes.

ER Vet Visits - If an emergency vet visit is required, we will stay with your pet at the visit, unless the vet requires an overnight stay. Owners will be advised at all times.

Cancellation Policy -If cancelling a scheduled visit less than 24 hours before the visit, you will be charged for the visit.

Bounced Check - $25 plus all bank fees.

Administration of medication(s) - We will administer pill(s) and/or fluids during a pet sit.  Please ask for Pricing.

Key Policy - We must have a key for your home, in order to accept the pet-sitting job. There is a $5 fee to pick-up and drop off house keys. Please note for the security of your home, we will not pick-up keys left "hidden" outside. We also will not leave your key "locked" in your house. Please ask about our READY KEY Program!!

GENERAL POLICIES - Please call the main business phone as soon as possible upon your return. It doesn't matter how late you return, these calls are very important and help with the safety and care of your pets.


DISCLAIMER - Always There Pet & Home Care Services reserves the right to change fees and policies.