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Hello, my name is Becky Bates. I am the owner of Always There Pet & Home Care. I started the business in 2001 as a part-time venture & in 2004 it became my full-time job. A job that I love and enjoy 365 days a year! I am an animal lover & advocate. I have 3 dogs & 5 cats that are my furbabies. All of my animals are rescues. Until there are none, don't shop, ADOPT!

ROCCO - 7 year old English Bulldog

DAISY - 8 years old

BOOGIE - 8 years old

BOO CAT - 14 years old

DOTTIE - 12 year old Long Haired Doxie

OSCAR - 5 year old Doxie Mix

GIZMO - 14 years old

Always There Pet & Home Care

NIBBLES - 6 years old

A Word About My Furbabies