Love, Love, Lots of Love - One-on-one-attention, affection and professional loving care make pets feel loved, not abandoned.

Comfort - Pets stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home; pet siblings keep each other company, providing even more reassurance. Their routine, diet & surroundings remain unchanged.

Health & Less Stress - Staying at home eliminates exposure to other animals and possible illnesses. No strange cages & animals; no transportation anxiety (for you OR your pets!!); no strange food, schedules or activities.

Less stress = happier pets!!

Peace of Mind - Your home and pets are in the capable hands of a professional. I am long-time member of Pet Sitters International, a professional pet sitters' organization. I am bonded & insured for you and your pet's protection.

Convenience - No need to arrange your schedule around the hours of a kennel or pet hotel.

Saves Time & Money - I come to you!! No need to load up the pets, leashes, food and bowl, bed, etc., and drive them across town. Price includes basic house-sitting services!

Crime Deterrent - Varying lights and blinds, bringing in mail and newspapers and otherwise coming and going from the house provides a "lived-in" look.

Personalized Service - Specific pet care instructions are encouraged, including enforcement of basic obedience behavior & commands.



Always There Pet & Home Care


Benefits for Your Pet

Benefits For You

Always There Pet & Home Care is there for your pets when you can't be!  We specialize in dog walking, cat play time, and house sitting.  We love animals of every type and breed. Turtle, Guinea Pig, Bearded Dragon?  No problem! 


Vacation Care for Dogs, cats &  small animals


Daily Dog Walking


You Leave Them....We Love Them!